Flashback: Quake 3/RTCW Level Design

I recently discovered an old Level Design portfolio I had made whilst in school circa 2000-2002. This was before I started university and any foray into C/C++ coding. They all have a name watermark in a particularly awful font!

I had actually coded windows utility apps before this – in Visual Basic! Maybe I will document those in a future post.

For today, here is a list of some maps I made/released. The Quake 3 mod these were designed for was Quake 3 Fortress(Q3F), and the Return to Castle Wolfenstein(RTCW) mod was Wolftactics. I was not on the Q3F dev team – those maps are unreleased. However, I was part of the Wolftactics team – so those maps were released with the mod in 2003. For that mod, I did level design and most of the user interface scripting.

Finding these screenshots brought back great memories of the old modding communities I was part of. I feel this may be something that isn’t as widespread nowadays – but back then, modding was perfect for dipping toes into game development.


2000 – Quake 3 Fortress, unreleased, but match tested


2000 – Quake 3 Fortress, unreleased


2001 – Quake 3 Fortress, unreleased


2002 – Wolftactics RTCW Mod – released


2002 – Wolftactics RTCW Mod – released


2002 – Wolftactics RTCW Mod – released

And some bonus items for those who scrolled to the end: my first taste of something I helped create being reviewed in the games press.

Ahh, the memories.